DJ Ronn P

Ronn Perez aka “DJ Ronn P” has been DJing and promoting events since the early 80’s—ever since he saw Grandmaster Flash (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five) perform his DJ wizardry. A television performance of Grandmaster Flash inspired Ronn to commandeer the family “record player” and mimic the then “new” and fascinating artistry. Thus began the many days & nights of “scratching” 33 & 45 rpm discs as he slowly drove his family crazy! Love of detail and perfection drove Ronn to master the Art—and eventually led to Ronn establishing himself as one of the busiest DJs for block/house parties across the city and throughout his teens. During this time, Ronn gained respect for his DJ skills while learning acumen and ethics as a businessman.

Ronn’s combined public and private education helped expose him to various audiences and music; all of which combined to make him a well-rounded DJ. Whether it was the high school parties Ronn DJ’d at his alma mater, Loomis-Chaffee, or the many parties he attended while a student at Hampton University, Ronn used every opportunity to enhance the Art of DJing and the Science of Business. His gigs allowed him to perform across the country and expand his knowledge and appreciation of all music. Ronn particularly prides himself on his ability to use the power of music to “move” people; similarly to a jazz artist’s ability to create and intensify moods for an audience...

Since returning home to Hartford, CT, Ronn expanded his scope—his expertise now ranges from DJing and Promoting to Event Planning. Ronn currently promotes and DJs events of all sizes along the entire East Coast--a short list of sample events include: nightclubs, weddings, private corporate events, black tie affairs, and birthday parties. As a DJ, Ronn takes pride in his reputation for versatility; playing everything from Jazz to Country, Neo Soul to Top 40, Old School R & B to Hip Hop! Always the gentleman, Ronn plays only the “clean” versions of songs; seeking the most wholesome experience for his diverse audiences.

Although Ronn believes his success is, in large part, due to his dedication and passion, he also gives credit to the educational opportunities he's had. Ever thankful and generous, Ronn donates a portion of his personal proceeds to local scholarship funds; believing a solid education to be the key for a bright future. This effort to "pay forward" helps Ronn support his community; just as his community supported him then--and now.