DJ Dane

From an early age, Dana was impressed by the control of and respect commanded by DJ’s--their ability to “move the crowd” and excite the masses through the use of music. At age 12, while watching a local DJ perform at a neighborhood block party, young Dana saw a vision of his future. This was an impression that would last the rest of his life! The fluidity displayed by the DJ--playing one hit song after another--mesmerized Dana. That’s when Dana knew he wanted to possess that same power…to grab, carry, and reshape the emotions of an entire crowd; all within a matter of minutes. He began by creating “mix tapes” for friends who trusted him—not only for his music selections, but for his “good ear for music.”

Within a few years, as with most people, “life happened” and Dana was pulled in many other directions. Although days were long and grueling, Dana still dreamed of, one day, being among the few who possess that “power.” That was the inspiration for Dana to continue to collect music--mostly from the Hip-Hop and R&B genres. As time passed, Dana’s music appreciation expanded to include other genres like: Top 40, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, House and Neo-Soul; this expanded appreciation would eventually allow Dana to service a wide range of audiences, once DJing became a reality.

In the 90’s, Dana became a successful party promoter in the Hartford, CT area. As much as he enjoyed promoting events, Dana’s passions were still on the music side of the business. Striving to realize his dream, Dana began to shape his life-long passion for music into a profession. Apprenticing with DJ Ronn P and DJ Deem, Dana practiced everyday, until he was comfortable enough to approach a friend about letting him perform at a party. The crowd’s response was overwhelming! In a relatively short period of time, Dana progressed from DJing house parties to playing at weddings, night-clubs, and corporate events. In addition, Dana has been the official DJ for the State of CT End of Session Celebration for the past 4 years!

Dana now DJs and promotes regularly for some of Hartford’s most upscale establishments like, Cloud 9 Lounge, Bocca Rossa, and The Russell. As a result of his commitment and business ethics, Dana has earned the respect of individuals, local businesses, and corporations. And, further distinguishing himself, Dana is committed to providing only the “clean” versions of music—a refreshing conviction!

Choosing DJ Dana allows you to work with a professional who will customize your plans via the specifications of your music. Your input and his expertise will create a life-long memory. Whether a birthday party, anniversary, corporate event, or wedding, Dana ensures that the music experience will forever linger… Although Dana’s personal journey has been challenging and laborious, he continues to demonstrate his willingness to work hard--for the love of music.